Social mobility gets a boost in the workplace


Social mobility is a contentious issue. There is broad consensus that an individual’s employment prospects should be based on talent rather than family background. The organisation Professions for Good commissioned Infinite Global to research and draft a Social Mobility Toolkit to provide employers with a means to assess their recruitment policies and, if necessary, widen the talent pool from which they recruit.


The Toolkit provided employers – for the first time – with a practical means of benchmarking and addressing social mobility in the workplace. Infinite Global invited the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development to contribute a section aimed specifically at their 140,000 members (mainly HR directors), to embed the methodology across all employers in the UK.


​The Toolkit is now in its second edition with a foreword by then UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

"We used the Social Mobility Toolkit to track the socio-economic status of our 2013 applicants and we will be able to use that information as our baseline to review progress as we work to improve access to our profession and our firm"

– Deb Conner, Senior Manager, Corporate Responsibility at KPMG