Working with a leading international accounting firm, Infinite Global developed a first of its kind initiative to provide insight to business leaders on how to make better business decisions.

The campaign was designed to cultivate the firm’s global reputation for understanding the value of intelligent business decisions and to stimulate wider interest and an on-going dialogue on the subject.


We undertook global research to examine the traits of quality business decisions, developing a global index of corporate decision-making success and a proprietary methodology designed to guide the future thinking of business leaders.

We also reported wider research learnings, developed numerous case studies evidencing decision-making success worldwide and interviewed influential voices far and wide from entertainment and politics to sport and academia.


We produced video, data and campaign materials in a modular digital format, all hosted on a bespoke microsite with a PDF report also available.

Collaborating with the firm’s international team to develop and leverage local PR, marketing and social media content, we managed global campaign roll-out with a specific focus on key target regions, including the UK, US, UEA, Europe, China and South America.

Our integrated approach secured 8,530 pieces of global media coverage and 65,149 social impressions in the first month alone.