Place Stories – successful placemaking through brand and communication

March 10, 2019 • 2 minute read

From nations, cities and regions to property developments and regeneration projects, places and placemakers are competing to be seen and heard in an increasingly crowded and complex world.

We believe that stories which present a human, authentic, coherent set of messages between businesses, communities and individual stakeholders increase the likelihood of success for a place.

Place Stories communicate and engage with stakeholders across the placemaking lifecycle to build authentic, impactful and valuable place brands.

They are the opportunities to identify aspects of place brands that will unify stakeholders – from investors to end users – behind the shared vision of a place, using creative communications to share and fulfil the brand promise.

We bring to life the vision, values and identity of locations, building brands and developing empathy and engagement between placemakers and people.

The Place Stories framework is our approach to creating place brands. We work to unify stakeholders behind the vision, and use communications to share and fulfil the brand promise. Building Place Stories into all stages of the placemaking lifecycle creates a compelling and distinctive narrative which:

  • Raises brand awareness
  • Improves favourability and reputation
  • Facilitates long-term value creation

Whether it is vision, values and brand strategy at the outset of a project, to the launch of a development to market on completion, to the ongoing reputation management of a place over the long term, we put Place Stories at the heart of successful placemaking. Our experience spans the property sector – from working with planners, architects and legal advisers to investors and developers – giving us a 360° strategic perspective and the expertise to deploy the full spectrum of PR, Brand and Content tactics to deliver meaningful results.