Lawdragon Recognizes Seven Infinite Global Executives Among Top Legal Consultants

April 16, 2024

Infinite Global is proud to announce seven team members have been honored on Lawdragon’s “Global 100 Leaders in Legal Strategy & Consulting” list.

Published April 12, the annual edition of the list features CEO Jamie Diaferia, President Zach Olsen, Vice Presidents Jesse DunganKelsey Eidbo and Clay Steward, Director Ryan McSharry and Head Writer Andrew Longstreth.

“This is our 10th edition of this guide, whose members have had a dizzying ascent in the past decade as the law transformed utterly and permanently into a global business,” Lawdragon noted in announcing the list. “This year’s guide salutes the recruiters who build and transform billion-dollar law firms, opening offices in treasured cities helmed by the most coveted talented. Hats off, as well, to the crisis communicators, marketing, PR and list gurus who conjure narratives and brands from mere mortals. At their side are the world’s best management consultants and diversity dynamos, who challenge law firm leaders to not just build bigger, but also better.”

Lawdragon noted that the list was created through its “time-honed process of robust (and simple!) submissions; peer review and vetting; and journalistic research.”

The full list may be viewed here.

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