Legal Reputation Management: Zach Olsen’s Spotlight in Lawdragon

August 10, 2023

Legal crises can be complicated, with high stakes for all involved. Zach Olsen, President of Infinite Global, is a luminary in legal reputation management. His collaboration with lawyers and legal teams provides an unparalleled synergy. This collaboration ensures that legal strategies are complemented with effective communication to present a unified front, making his guidance integral to resolving legal crises.

We’re excited to share a recent profile by Lawdragon that delves into Olsen’s incredible journey in crisis response, reputation management and legal communications. With over 17 years leading Infinite Global, Olsen’s unique blend of empathy, strategic thinking and unwavering commitment to his clients sets him apart in a field where stakes are always high.


Crafting a Strategy for Crisis Management

Olsen’s work extends beyond the boundaries of traditional legal consultation. It’s not just about crafting the right message; it’s about recognizing the human element. As the Lawdragon article highlights, his clients are people in need, navigating some of the most challenging times in their careers. A crucial part of Olsen’s work involves crafting comprehensive strategies considering all stakeholders. By focusing on a human-centric approach, he ensures that legal and communications considerations align to achieve a positive outcome.

Data Breach Response: A Growing Concern

In today’s digital era, data breaches are an urgent concern. With cyber threats becoming an ever-pressing issue, Olsen’s expertise in guiding entities through ransomware attacks is increasingly relevant. His tailored approach, honed over the last seven years, addresses the intricate needs of various organizations, from universities to healthcare companies. His hands-on approach and vast network of cybersecurity experts enable clients to resolve these incidents effectively.

Achievements and Recognition

From its early days as a startup to its current position as a leading mid-size communications firm, Infinite Global’s evolution under Olsen’s leadership has been remarkable. Alongside this growth, Olsen’s prolific contributions to the field have been recognized through his published works, “As hacking allegations reach US courts, Dechert faces a two-front battle,”  “All rise: The future of Big Law in an era of stakeholder engagement,” Why litigation PR needs to be part of your marketing plan,” “What it really means to be ready for crisis,” and “What do clients in crisis really need from lawyers?

AI and the Future of Crisis Communication

The Lawdragon interview also touches on an intriguing topic: the role of AI in crisis communication. As Olsen notes, figuring out how to navigate this emerging terrain may present challenges and significant opportunities. It’s a space that demands attention, agility and innovative thinking, attributes that Olsen and the team at Infinite Global continue to embody.


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Delve into the intricate world of legal reputation management with Zach Olsen. Read the full article on Lawdragon for an in-depth exploration of his achievements, strategies and the core values that define success in the field.

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