Special Report: Infinite Global launches new report on digital brand experience

February 21, 2020

A new report, authored by Digital Brand Consultant Jed Backhouse, examines how brands can deliver tailored, customer-oriented digital experiences to their audiences.


Much attention is paid to brand experiences in the physical and environmental dimensions, but the need to translate positive brand experiences digitally to an online audience is just as important. With customers time-poor and highly selective of the content they choose to consume, audience experience must be engaging and user-centric.

This new Infinite Global special report looks at three key ways that brands are delivering tailored and engaging experiences to users:


Tailored content: personalization vs customization

Personalization enables businesses to articulate their relationship-driven values, establishing a personal relationship between the brand and the audience.

  • Personalization is data-driven, platforms use collected information to anticipate user preferences and create more relevant user experiences.
  • Customization is user-driven, where users actively engage with a website by inputting their preferences, in order to tailor the news and content to their requirements.


Tailored dialogue: chatbots vs live chat

Direct dialogue between a brand and its audience can power unique experiences and amplify brand personality in a dynamic and real-time manner.

  • Chatbots are an automatic service, powered by pre-planned responses and AI.
  • Live chat is an online conversation with another human.


Tailored consumption: layered infographics and stacked content

Layered infographics and stacked content visualize information in an immersive, engaging way that fulfils certain target audiences with an interest in a specific subject or industry.

Clearly labelled and structured information heightens user experience, whilst a range of data points allows for a deep exploration of information and greater audience insights.

Disseminating content in different formats – such as videos, PDFs, podcasts and blogs – caters for a variety of difference audience needs.



Jed Backhouse, Digital Brand Consultant, commented:

“So many firms have ‘client-centric’ or ‘relationship-oriented’ within their core brand principles — and for the most part, day-to-day service reflects this. However, so few businesses maintain this personalized approach to client experience online.

Personalization technologies are there to be used — we are seeing the value they bring to B2C industries slowly get adopted by B2B companies.

For professional services firms especially, showing you really understand your clients by providing them with more tailored experiences is key to gaining the trust required for longstanding relationships. The examples in this report are a few options available to businesses, but personalization and improved online client experience doesn’t have to be a huge investment.

Once you truly understand your audience’s online needs and expectations, even subtle improvements over time will help create a more aligned and positive client experience over time.”


The full report is available to read here and is available to download as a PDF.