New Research: Infinite Global provides insight into media coverage of insolvencies

July 2, 2019

Infinite Global’s latest report on insolvencies tackles how Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVAs) are portrayed in the media, given the recent following several high-profile retail collapses.


The report, written by Account Director Tal Donahue, builds on last year’s ‘Call in the administrators’ report and focuses on CVAs.

The research uncovers a fascinating paradox: despite their prominence in recent media coverage, CVAs have been on a downward trend for the last five years.

The research includes:

  • The paradox between the increased media reporting on CVAs and the actual number of CVAs entered into by businesses
  • UK media use of the term “Company Voluntary Agreement”.
  • A look at the frequency of UK media use of key insolvency terms over time.
  • The six key questions for businesses conducting insolvency comms.


Tal Donahue, Account Director, commented:

“Retail is undergoing a significant restructuring. Many household brand names are struggling, and are finding that their historic financial liabilities – particularly with regard to property – are acting as an anchor, weighing them down and impacting their ability to adapt to rapidly evolving consumer buying habits.

Those brands who are successfully navigating these difficult times have been able to shift their offerings to focus ever more clearly on customer experience – both online and offline – integrating digital and e-commerce with bricks-and-mortar.

The high street isn’t dying, despite the volume of media coverage we see of retail failures, but it will need curatorial, customer-centric, experiential solutions to thrive in the future.

At the same time, the previously arcane world of insolvency is now firmly on the media and public agenda and there is likely to be continued and significant scrutiny of those using insolvency measures as levels of understanding improve.”