Against a backdrop of exponential rises in the value of cryptocurrencies and increasing mainstream awareness of FinTech developments, this pre-eminent blockchain research and development company sought to be recognised as the chief driver of awareness around the world-changing potential of blockchain technology.

In order to push forward, Infinite Global was enlisted to deliver a suite of communications support activity ranging from de-stealthing of the business through controlled announcements and strategic thought leadership, to building a consistent and global market voice through content creation, social enhancement, and beyond.


We ensured the company could leverage its technical expertise in a publicly digestible way, tackling misconceptions before they could proliferate throughout mainstream media outlets. Our ability to work with complex technical themes and language, and to tailor business messaging to a range of audiences, propelled the company forward as it continued to develop disruptive technologies.

With parts of the company working in locations around the world, we provided a 24-hour international press office service while simultaneously undertaking strategic relationship-building initiatives with key media targets, and spotlighting the expertise of the company’s R&D specialists in the face of well-known competition.

We also provided comprehensive reputation management support when business critical issues were faced.


Early interactions with key stakeholders from the media enabled the company to first define its space, before then going on to establish its legitimacy as the leader in that space.

To date, Infinite Global has generated coverage on four continents, introducing the company’s vision and innovations to a global audience.