Attorneys vs Accountants – 2018 Content Success Study: The Content Battle Wages On

May 3, 2018 • 12 minute read

What is “content shock”? Might it impact accounting firms, and companies in other industries, more than law firms? And what is “dark social”? These are among the questions we address in this fascinating update to our 2015 study “Attorneys vs. Accountants: Who Is Winning the Content Battle?”

Both in 2015 and in this update, we compared shares of content generated by the top 100 US accounting firms by size (as determined by Inside Public Accounting), and the top 100 US law firms by size (as determined by The American Lawyer). We provided both a high-level analysis as well as a deep dive into the data to provide new insight for professional services marketers seeking to craft impactful content and social strategies. The 2015 data was eye opening, but what we have this year is even more so. Current data gives insight into new and trending concepts such as dark social and owned media, and the potential impacts of adoption bias. It also provides important takeaways for marketers, including on building authority, the importance of SEO in a content strategy, the epic rise of LinkedIn and the “flight to quality” that makes true thought leadership more valuable than ever.