Climate change

At Infinite Global, we believe strongly that corporate responsibility (CR) is an extension of our values and that business can make a positive contribution to society at large. No more so is this the case than when considering the critical issue of climate change.

It’s no secret that our success is intricately interlinked with our ecosystem and environment, and that we are at a crossroads for the planet. Now is the moment to stand up and ensure that issues regarding the future and sustainability of our world are put front and center.

In February 2021, Infinite Global launched its strategy to combat climate change. As part of this program, we are committed to:

  • Reducing the impact of our business on the environment​
  • Increasing involvement by our people in this issue
  • ​Playing an active role in shaping societal and business awareness and understanding of climate change


We have set the following performance objectives for the program across our global business, on which we will report our progress on a yearly basis from 2022 (as part of our SME Climate Commitment responsibilities):