Lawdragon Recognizes Six Infinite Global Executives as ‘Leaders in Legal Strategy and Consulting’

April 24, 2023

Celebrating Infinite Global’s Recognized Leaders in Legal Strategy and Consulting

Infinite Global is proud to announce it again has six team members who have been honored on Lawdragon’s “Global 100 Leaders in Legal Strategy & Consulting” list.

Published April 14, the seventh annual edition of the list features CEO Jamie Diaferia, President Zach Olsen, Vice Presidents Jesse Dungan and Kelsey Eidbo, Director Ryan McSharry and Head Writer Andrew Longstreth as prominent communications leaders within the legal industry. Infinite Global has had members featured each year since the list’s creation in 2016.

“These leaders represent the remarkable array of advisors who have helped the legal industry grow into a global business generating hundreds of billions in revenues,” Lawdragon said in announcing the full list of recipients. “From the recruiters who help firms amass armies of top talent, to marketing professionals whose magic creates awareness and to crisis communicators who can spin a narrative that helps some deals live and some trials succeed while others crash and burn.”

The 2023 list includes strategic and crisis communicators, recruiters and a range of other advisors to law firms across the globe.

“A part of the mystique of this group is not just their skills, but their ways with top lawyers – a notoriously perspicacious group,” Lawdragon said. “While they can be, often justifiably, a bit of know-it-alls, the best legal leaders have evolved to accept advice from those who know their field cold. Those are the strategists and consultants represented here.”

Infinite Global strives to promote excellence among its employees while working to raise industry standards for public relations, crisis communications, content creation and digital services provided within the legal industry.

Lawdragon’s full list may be viewed here.


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Infinite Global’s roots are in the legal sector, with team members including lawyers and former legal journalists. The agency’s industry knowledge and deep experience allow it to counsel the world’s largest and most profitable firms, as well as leading boutiques and practitioners. Infinite Global provides a nuanced understanding of legal businesses, a clear sense of the kinds of stories that make news, and tested knowledge of when and how to engage the media.

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