Senior Associate Director Tal Donahue talks COP27 with PR Week

November 23, 2022

Following the close of COP27, Senior Associate Director Tal Donahue spoke to PR Week about what the climate change discussions mean for brands and communicators.

“Climate change will be an existential threat to many, if not all, businesses – negatively affecting their ability to recruit top talent and, quite likely, seeing market share shrink as climate due diligence becomes an increasingly important part of the purchasing journey.”

The full article can be read by subscribers here.

This follows the publication of Infinite Global’s latest research analysing reporting trends in the UK media in relation to climate change and net zero. Following a surge around COP26 in 2021, the data revealed a significant drop in media focus on climate change ahead of COP27 amid the growing prominence of issues ranging from domestic polticial instability to energy price rises.

The research is available to freely access here.

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