Legal consultant limelight: Zach Olsen

September 4, 2018

Lawdragon profiles President Zach Olsen as part of the publication’s “100 Leading Legal Consultants & Strategists” guide.

As our research for the 100 Leading Legal Consultants & Strategists guide made clear, the talented individuals who are truly trusted in the area of crisis communications for law firms is a relatively small group. That thorny area is the expertise of Zach Olsen, the San Francisco-based president of Infinite Global. The UMass Amherst graduate held a variety of odd jobs before landing at Infinite, where he clearly found his knack – earning the trust of law firms and lawyers along with other clients the company serves.

Lawdragon: For those not too familiar with your company, what types of services do you provide and to whom?

Zach Olsen: Infinite Global provides a diversity of PR and communications, branding, and content creation services. Our clients include law firms, public and private companies, non-profits, individuals and other professional service organizations.

LD: How did you first become interested in doing this type of work?

ZO: I was considering going to law school until I took the LSATs and realized I might be better off in a more “creative” field. I was lucky enough to come across an opportunity to join Infinite as an account executive, and I went after it.

LD: What do you like about your job? And what do you like about working with lawyers?

ZO: I am extremely lucky because at this stage in my career I am surrounded by opportunities to make a difference and find professional satisfaction. I enjoy working with lawyers because I’m comfortable not being the smartest person in the room and I find that even though I’m often not, most of our clients appreciate and value my expertise and the counsel I provide. Outside of the client work, I find enormous satisfaction from observing and taking part in the growth and development of our younger employees. They are the real heart and soul of our organization and seeing them learn and grow together as individuals and as a team, is the part of the job I cherish most.

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